ICE Leadership.

We Influence, Challenge, and Equip our team…
to fulfill our Vision, Mission, and Values!

Our Burden


Patients…not getting the right care at the right time!

Medical Groups and Payers…losing patient trust and revenue using subjective data, manual processes, and disconnected tools resulting in uninformed referrals going out of network, or to high cost, low quality providers with no ability to ensure care is completed.


We don’t just care about being the industry leader in delivering data-driven network, scheduling, referral, and care solutions.

We care about being our clients most trusted partner by helping them deliver the right care at the right time, while achieving their vision and financial goals.


We only hire and keep top producers in alignment with our vision, then Influence, Challenge, and Equip them to achieve their career and life goals. 

ICE creates a culture that develops leaders and elevates everyone to passionately give their best to achieve our vision.



Management Team

Patrick Cline
Executive Chairman

Respected 40-year veteran in the healthcare IT market, Mr. Cline has founded and built several successful healthcare IT companies. Prior to his being the CEO of Lightbeam Health Solutions and Executive Chairman with ReferralPoint, he founded NextGen Healthcare, a leading EHR company.

Robert Harris
Chief Executive Officer

After being the Captain of the Texas A&M baseball team and playing for USA and Oakland A’s, Mr. Harris has 22 years as CEO / President, building multiple companies. Mr. Harris’s 1st company grew to 250+ employees in 5 years, then helped a 20- year-old company double its valuation over a few year period resulting in a successful sale in 2013.

Jeff Peterson
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Peterson joined ReferralPoint after 13 years as Senior Controller at Acumed, where he also served as cost accounting supervisor. Jeff holds an MBA from University of Oregon’s Charles H. Lunquist School of Business.

Matt Cheatham
Director, Client Success

Mr. Cheatham joined the ReferralPoint team with 10 years of experience in the population health space. With an extensive background in healthcare IT, Matt is responsible for creating the ultimate client experience with the Referral Management solution. His team enhances the physician-to-patient quality of care through communication tools, data integrations, and vendor partnerships.

Alana Rodriguez
Manager, Client Success

Mrs. Rodriguez joined ReferralPoint after 14 years with Healthcare Associates of Texas. During that time, she managed and trained of a team that processed 2000+ Referrals and Prior-Auths per month. Her experience offers a valuable perspective as she’s able to provide clients with the same success.

Larry Hill
VP, Development

Mr. Hill, is a seasoned technology veteran that brings 30+ years of experience to ReferralPoint, delivering expert enterprise direction and leadership of technology strategy. Mr. Hill was instrumental in propelling his previous business from less than $10mm in 1996 to a peak of $155mm in annual revenues.

Paul Cobb
Director, Sales

Mr. Cobb joins ReferralPoint with more than 25 years of sales experience as a top producer for McAfee, BMC, and Dell. The key to his success has been building strong relationships and being customers’ advocate on every project while meeting goals and deadlines. Mr. Cobb doesn’t measure life success in dollars but by the people he has helped and friends he has made along the way.

John Henson
Director, Marketing

Mr. Henson has spent his career marketing population health and value-based care solutions. Mr. Henson joined ReferralPoint after helping his previous company grow their client base from a $50M to $200M valuation in 4.5 years.

Kari-Anne Fowler
Manager, Business Dev

Ms. Fowler joined ReferralPoint after graduating from the University of Alabama with dual degrees in public relations and mathematics. Ms. Fowler regulates direct inquiries, sustains internal communications, and cultivates strategic partnerships for growth and expansion.



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Our team will build a custom blueprint outlining the cost of your current process with plan to fix it.


Enjoy the clinical and financial benefits of a new referral process while tracking progress over time.

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