Why ReferralPoint?
Starting in 2014, we began investing in research, interviewing medical groups, focus groups and development partners to uncover the challenges and true impact referrals are having on clinical and financial outcomes. This led us to develop an intelligent Patent Pending process to finally solve the recurring problems with referrals in Healthcare.


Our 3 years of research proved many medical groups did not realize how much of an impact their referrals were having on cost, quality and revenue. Here are the most common CAUSES, EFFECTS & OUTCOMES which helped us prioritize the Development Plan based on solving the Problems that have the most clinical and revenue impact.


For Medical Groups and Payers who...

  • NEED to manage leakage, cost and quality through better referral processes and

  • WANT to maintain control without restricting the providers ability to deliver high quality care…

Referral Point is a Referral Management solution that makes referring easy and efficient by visually matching patients to the ideal provider based on 6 essential data points and automating communications between the Initiator, Recipient and Patient.


We found most competitors are trying to solve the areas in GREEN but as you can see in the REVENUE IMPACT column, they have the least amount of impact. Our solution will not only solve the GREEN areas but because of our access to the technology platform and cost and quality data, we are also able to actually pull off the areas that have the most REVENUE IMPACT.