ICE Leadership

We Influence, Challenge, and Equip our Team...
to fulfill our Vision, Mission, and Values!

PURPOSE : What is our Why? Burden?

  • Patients not getting referred to the Right Quality Care at the Right Time at the Lowest Cost

  • Health Systems suffering from over 50% patient referrals going out of Network and to High Cost Low Quality Providers

  • Country's 20B Debt/Unfunded Liability will continue to rise unless we solve the Pop Health and Referral process

VISION : What does it look like?

The industry leader in building solutions that help healthcare providers improve referrals in lower cost of care, higher revenue and better quality

MISSION : How we fulfill our Vision?

Top leaders and performers work with a passion that can only come if they are in alignment with the Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values. This allows them to create the culture and atmosphere needed to elevate everyone around them to work towards the Vision. That's why we only recruit top leaders and performers in alignment with our Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values and then ICE them!

INFLUENCE - Lead and Encourage in the right direction

CHALLENGE - Speak the TRUTH with the right method and heart to help CHANGE for the better

EQUIP - Educate, Develop and then Empower to become Excellent Leaders


  • Leadership - Our Leaders are aligned, coachable, and accountable to ensure our Vision/Mission/Values are fulfilled

  • Innovation - Continuous innovation will ensure we make a sustained impact - 18 months ahead of the Industry!

  • Service - We will ensure exceptional service delivery across all touch points. It will be a difference maker!

  • Quality - Everything we do will be done with quality in mind

  • Communication - Honest, transparent, respectful, and accountable communication including Weekly TOP 5