ICE Leadership

We Influence, Challenge, and Equip our Team...
to fulfill our Vision, Mission, and Values!

PURPOSE : What is our Why? Burden?

  • Patients...not getting the right care at the right time!

  • Medical Groups and Payers… losing patient trust and revenue using subjective data, manual processes, and disconnected tools resulting in uninformed referrals going out of network, high cost, low quality providers with no ability to ensure care is completed.

VISION : What does it look like?

We don’t just care about being the industry leader in delivering data-driven network, scheduling, referral, and care solutions.  We care about being our clients most trusted partner by helping them deliver the right care at the right time, while achieving their vision and financial goals.

CULTURE : How we fulfill our Vision = ICE

We only hire and keep top producers in alignment with our vision, then Influence, Challenge, and Equip them to achieve their career and life goals. ICE creates a culture that develops leaders and elevates everyone to passionately give their best to achieve our vision.

VALUES: Who we are?

  1. TRUST - We are committed to work on ourselves and as a TEAM to build an atmosphere of TRUST

  2. SERVICE - We will ensure exceptional service delivery across all touch points. It will be a difference maker!

  3. QUALITY - Everything we do will be done with quality in mind

  4. LEADERSHIP - Our Leaders are aligned, trustworthy, teachable, dependable, and accountable to fulfill our Vision & Values

  5. INNOVATION - Continuous innovation will ensure we make a sustained impact - 18 months ahead of the Industry!

  6. COMMUNICATION - Honest, transparent, respectful, and accountable communication

  7. BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES - A Good Name is to be chosen over great riches. Proverbs 22:1